President & Treasurer

Costello Wilson III is a true product of the Washington metropolitan area, having spent his formative years within a nurturing middle-class household alongside both his biological parents and two younger sisters. His parents’ strong work ethic, being dedicated employees of the Federal government, instilled in him core values of diligence, responsibility, consistency, resilience, dedication, and focus. These foundational principles have been seamlessly integrated into his adult life. Graduating from Croom Vocational High School in Prince George’s County, he embarked on a journey of exploration through various jobs while seeking his true calling. During this period, Mr. Wilson’s curiosity was piqued by the Information Technology (IT) industry – a path not unfamiliar to him, given his father’s affiliation. Imbued with a sense of self-driven learning, he delved into an IT study course book, effectively teaching himself the intricacies of the field. This newfound skill opened doors, leading him to secure employment within the IT industry as a Help Desk agent for a distinguished company located in the heart of the District of Columbia.

His relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill development in the realm of federal contracting led him to a defining moment: the establishment of his first For-Profit company at the age of 25 in 1999. Driven by a deep-seated understanding that engaging in an industry as dynamic as federal contracting could both secure his own future and uplift his immediate community, Mr. Wilson was committed to his vision. His path, though marked by challenges and hurdles, solidified his resolve to construct and cultivate his company despite adversities. Today, our companies stand as thriving entities within the community, boasting a robust nationwide presence with offices strategically positioned throughout the United States. His far-reaching relationships with industry stakeholders and local dignitaries underscore his dedication to connecting, empowering, and positively influencing his community, both within the region and beyond.

Over the past 25 years, as the COWOC (Creating Opportunity Within Our Community) brand has burgeoned, so too have the opportunities it brings to the fore. Equipped with the means to offer career training, skill development, employment pathways, and renewed hope to those disillusioned by economic challenges, Mr. Wilson’s commitment to community enrichment is undeniable. Moreover, his vision extends to fostering partnerships with emerging local enterprises, providing them the support necessary for thriving success. Guided by the principle that giving precedes receiving, Mr. Wilson’s expanding business continues to flourish.

In his personal life, Costello Wilson III is not only a devoted husband to his beloved wife Rachel but also a doting father to his beautiful children. His unwavering commitment to his family resonates clearly, manifested through his exceptional care and guidance. His children’s self-assuredness and ease in engaging with others are a testament to his nurturing influence. As an active participant in their education, he enriches their lives with diverse cultural experiences and an array of activities, providing them a holistic foundation for growth. Traveling with his family, he exposes them to a broader world, fostering social awareness and cultural competency. Both he and Mrs. Wilson are integral members of their community church, with their children actively engaged in the youth ministry. Their recent initiative in facilitating career development within the church, catering to those interested in the federal contracting industry (and other sectors), exemplifies their dedication to nurturing growth and opportunity.

In conclusion, Mr. Wilson views struggles as conduits for life’s most valuable lessons, embracing them as catalysts for personal growth. A perpetual student of life, he is committed to continuous learning, epitomizing leadership, innovation, and mentorship within his community. A firm believer in positive thinking, he understands its transformative power – from generating positive feelings and behaviors to manifesting positive outcomes. With an unshakable faith, indomitable determination, boundless goodwill, and an unwavering optimism, Costello Wilson III stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for his community and beyond. In his perspective, failure is simply not an option.