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At COWOC, we are dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening our community by creating opportunities for all. As a nonprofit organization, we believe in fostering environments where hope can thrive, creating hope where there’s hopelessness. Through collective action and support, we empower individuals to achieve their dreams and contribute to a vibrant, resilient community.

Creating Opportunity
Within Our Community

COWOC is a dedicated nonprofit organization serving the PG County area of Maryland. We focus on empowering residents through a variety of resources, educational programs, and community initiatives aimed at promoting growth and development. At COWOC, we are committed to providing every individual with the support they need to succeed. By collaborating with local businesses, volunteers, and other organizations, we strive to enhance the vitality and resilience of our community. Join us in our mission to create lasting, positive change in PG County.

Latest Campaigns

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Jacob’s Ladder hosts juvenile reentry sessions from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, with the Department of Juvenile Services, returning citizens and clinicians

11414 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744


Our Streets Our Future with Prince Georges County States Attorney Office

Seat Pleasant, MD


Back 2 School Festival

Suitland, MD