Bintou Conte

Marketing Coordinator

Bintou Conte is a distinguished professional, located in the Washington metropolitan area, who has dedicated her career to marketing and community development. Raised in a nurturing environment with strong family values, she was inspired by her family’s work ethic and commitment to excellence. Bintou’s journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Bentley University, where she honed her skills and developed a keen understanding of the industry.

Her professional trajectory is marked by significant roles across various organizations. Bintou’s early career included positions such as Project Manager at BNY Mellon, where she demonstrated her ability to manage complex projects and drive results. She later transitioned to a role as an Admissions Associate at MIT, showcasing her versatility and passion for education.

Bintou’s expertise in sales and marketing flourished during her tenure at the MIT Press and ProMerchant, where she excelled as a Senior Account Director. Her ability to craft effective marketing strategies and lead teams to success paved the way for her current position as a Marketing Specialist at Dreams Work, INC. Here, Bintou leverages her extensive knowledge of Salesforce, HubSpot, social media strategy, content creation, and data analysis to drive impactful marketing initiatives.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Bintou is deeply committed to community service. As a leader at COWOC (Creating Opportunities Within Our Community), she plays a pivotal role in marketing to the community to support violence intervention and prevention programs. Her work includes organizing events, engaging with schools and businesses, and empowering community members through education and outreach.

Bintou’s dedication to community development is further exemplified by her involvement in the Bureau of Justice Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant. This initiative underscores her commitment to creating safe and thriving communities, particularly in areas affected by violence and economic hardship.

In her personal life, Bintou is known for her warm and nurturing nature. She is a mentor to many and actively participates in various community activities. Her passion for making a difference extends beyond her professional life, as she continuously seeks opportunities to support and uplift those around her.

Bintou Conte’s journey is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her work in marketing and community development continues to inspire and impact countless lives, making her a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change in the Washington metropolitan area and beyond.