Calvin Flowers

Vice President

Mr. Calvin Flowers is a dynamic business executive with a wide range of professional experience in developing, launching, executing, and managing new business initiatives for company clients. Calvin utilizes his strong business acumen to build and sustain new client relationships, develop new business ideas, and upgrade existing ones to stay ahead of the ever evolving corporate curve. Calvin is skilled at rapport building, strategic planning, project management, new business design and construction, and has a proven niche for staying within budget parameters. Mr. Flowers is currently the Chief Operating Officer of DreamWorks, Inc. who has held this important position of executive leadership for more than five years. Calvin oversees the overall corporate strategy, corporate partnerships, and portfolio expansion. Mr. Flowers is known as a team player who is able to elicit high level performances from employees and obtain maximum efficiency.

Calvin was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. After high school graduation, Calvin attended Rutgers University where he studied Business Administration. Calvin has lived in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area for almost 20 years where he has brought a desire to generate business that positively impacts the community and create sustainable opportunities for the underserved population. Mr. Flowers is a family man with a wife of 15 years and two beautiful children. Calvin and his family are centered in their faith and much of their free time is dedicated to various ministries that are focused on supporting and empowering the people in the community. Calvin believes that all people deserve a fair chance to pursue and fulfill their life’s purpose. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Flowers assisted with the distribution of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, food, and other basic needs to the citizens of Prince George’s County and Washington, DC.

We are excited and grateful to have Mr. Calvin Flowers on our Board of Directors. Mr. Flowers is a relentless hardworking visionary who is committed to the betterment of others. We have no doubt that Calvin will be a very viable part of our Board and will bring a plethora of ideas and visions to this organization that will inevitably elevate us to unprecedented heights.