Nikki Wilson

Board Member

Ms. Rachel Wilson stands as the Co-Founder of TeamPMG, LLC, a distinguished professional property management company providing comprehensive general contracting services across the DMV area. Under Rachel’s leadership, TeamPMG has cultivated a myriad of robust relationships with diverse agencies and corporations throughout the DMV region. Leveraging these strategic alliances, the company has channeled its resources towards creating lasting employment opportunities, catering to both short-term and permanent positions. An equally significant facet of TeamPMG’ s mission lies in extending pathways to individuals re-entering society from prison and substance abuse treatment programs. Rachel’s distinct skill lies in her ability to seamlessly connect with individuals across a spectrum of backgrounds. Her cultural proficiency allows her to engage with a diverse clientele, tailoring her approach to addressing their unique needs. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to helping clients, peers, and subordinates recognize their inherent capabilities, facilitating their progression on personally aligned career trajectories. Rachel’s magnetic personality and passionate belief in people empower and inspire them to develop resilience and excellence within the demanding landscape of corporate service professionals. Notably, she has spearheaded innovative initiatives that evolve in tandem with the ever-changing workforce dynamics, propelling her clients towards sustained success.

Rachel’s journey reflects a diverse background rooted in impactful human interactions. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware. While initially poised for a career in nursing, her genuine affection and dedication towards youth compelled her to redirect her path. Spending five years at a Child Rehabilitative services agency working with special-needs children, she continued this dedication for another decade at a child development center. In 2008, she transitioned to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), where she excelled as a Contract Specialist for the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer. Managing federal contracts with budgets reaching up to 80 million dollars, Rachel swiftly honed her contract management expertise, streamlining procurement processes and enhancing efficiency. After an impactful 13-year tenure at HUD, Rachel embraced a new chapter as she co-founded TeamPMG. This shift allowed her to reconnect directly with her community, working on a more interpersonal level that spans across various age groups, from the youth to the elderly.

As an integral part of her personal life, Rachel is the devoted wife of Costello Wilson, III, and a nurturing mother to her beloved children. She cherishes quality family time, relishing multicultural experiences ranging from arts to music, sports, and recreation during their travels. An active participant in her church, Community of Hope Church in Temple Hills, MD, Rachel’s engagement extends beyond her professional endeavors.